has anyone ever tried to buy tabs from this guy? I wanted all along the watchtower and a whiter shade of pale, but I already paid and it's been a couple of weeks.....I think I've been screwed over It's what I get for trusting people, right? Anyways, just wanted to know if anyone here has ever tried to buy tabs from him
i want to buy watchtower from him as well. not sure exactly how to buy it though. somehow through paypal. you never got the tab you payed for?
I've been thinking about tabbing a few of his tunes out. If I do, I'll send you guys a PM.
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I have been looking all over for his All Along the Watchtower but I cannot find so if you can will you please send those tabs to me too.
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same here

I'm sorry guys he finally did reply to me and it worked out fine. Email him on his site, I don't like to give people tabs that artists are selling...it's like stealing to me