I have a hartke 400 watt bass head. I know its not the best amp but i got it for cheap. Well sometimes after playing for a lil while it goes into protect for a few seconds and then cuts back on. i had the top of my head off for a while and it didn't seem to do it nearly as much but now that i have it back on again its doing it pretty frequently again. I think its a bad capacitor but im not completely sure.

Any thoughts?
it clips and goes into protect where it stops the output while im playing its got the whole red yellow green light set up on it
green means good, yellow is warning, and red it cuts out and this is only on about 1/3 volume i cant really go too much louder than that
It's overheating (that's what the protect is for skier) could be anything causing it to overheat. Maybe try pointing a fan at it.

Edit: NVM, I'm really confused now.
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Maybe there's a reason you got it for cheap.

I'd take it into a tech, I wouldn't mess around with high voltage electricity.
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like i said not the best quality amp but it gets the job done i can play a whole set without it cutting out but at practice when i play for extended periods of time it does this
I have experience with soldering and electronics if its just a bad capacitor i could replace it myself but i want to know if there could be something else that causes this problem
Hmm, maybe it is overheating. If it's overheating it would operate less efficiently which could potentially cause it to clip, try the fan and see if that helps.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
the fan runs fine and its not clogged up or anything it even clips when i have the top off and the board exposed but less often
Its called underpowering. Look it up.
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How is it under powering i cant turn the amp up past half volume because it just wont play.

THats what you are saying that im not pushing enough power from my amp right?

My cab is a 4x10 hartke cab as well they are matched up pretty equally