i have a ibanez body, im not sure what model it is, and a ibanez SA guitar neck, the body does not have any serial number anywhere on it, so i dont even know if it is an rg or sa or what...
anyways the neck won't fit in the pocket, so, i was wondering what neck would fit in this body?
its a three pickup (H/s/s) body with a floyd rose cavity already routed, bought it off ebay about 4 months ago
any help would be great =)
Look in the neck pocket of the Ibanez body, are you sure there isnt a serial number in there some where?

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It could be that the body was repainted and the neck pocket got painted.
That can really screw up the neck fit on any guitar.
The neck pocket should be carefully taped off when painting so you get a wood to wood neck joint for better transference of sound.

As far as body shapes go:
RG = pointy
SA = rounded
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well its pointy so definitely a rg, and yea, it seems the guy i got it from on ebay painted it.....
so am i screwed or is there a way i can remove that paint without messing up the pocket?
also, the sa neck has five screw holes and the bottom of the neck is not completely evenly rounded on the back if that makes sense
the body only has four holes for the neck to bolt on with, i don't have a camera right now, but there are pictures of the body on another post of mine,
they aren't very good but it may help =/
Yeah it's a Jackson DK2 and it's probably painted because as far as I know they only come in black or with a skull print on it
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