So I recently bought a second hand Takamine GS330S, blah blah blah, I was taking the strings off to lower the saddle a bit, but when I got to the G and B strings, they wouldn't budge. The bridge doesn't have any pins. I tried putting a paper clip through the ends of the strings to be able to pull them out, but they still didn't move at all. Does anyone have any possible suggestions for getting those stubborn strings out? Being second hand, I don't know how long those strings have been in there, but I'm guessing quite a while.

It's not urgent, but I'm going to have to replaced the strings eventually... :/
hair dryer. and needlenose pliers

EDIT are you using a humidifier? or store the guitar near a bathroom door/damp location?
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Oh, good point. I keep it in my bedroom, and I have a humidifier in there (don't use it very often though)

Next time I take the strings off I'll give hairdryer + needlenose plyers a try.
When I bought my acoustic, I asked the guitar tech if I would need a humidifier, and he said that if i didnt want to buy one that I could just take it in the bathroom with me about once a week while i shower. So, you might want to try that if it's a humidity problem.
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