Hey gang- I have a gig in 2 weeks and I need a pedalboard. Like really. I can't do this **** where i'm hauling 10 pedals and frantically trying to set them up quickly onstage. The thing is- I dont want a flat board, because I need to have easy access to my pedals and with one of those flat boards I cant do that.
The biggest problem being is that I have an old morley wah and volume. These things are literally massive. The wah is bigger than normal morley wahs, its like 10 inches by 5, HUMONGOUS!

Than we have my volume which is the same size. My line 6 Dl4, my 4 standard boss boxes, a fulltone Dejavibe, zenith arteffects od, and my 2 regular sized. I'm planning also on getting an MXR 10-band and an Isp decimator

Should I build or buy a board? Sources? Ideas for where to buy from?
i say build to save money but if you're too lazy like me, find some used pedal boards in Ebay......
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Don't put the volume and wah on the board, I assume they're first in line anyways?
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well you can't really go wrong if you build it yourself. there is a thread with a design in it lemme find it i have it bookmarked.

Edit: its at the bottom
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i bet you can have them all flat, because that's what you do now by just having them on the floor.

just get a piece of wood, cover it in industrial grade carpet, velcro your pedals down, done
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i would build it but thats bc i like building ****.
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Build it for sure man. You can customize it to work around your huge pedals. just build a wooden frame(obviously you want it layered so you can have better access to the back pedals) and then go find or buy some like retro carpet too finish it up.
I suck at building is the thing ...
thats the thing though. I hate the way I have my pedals now. Thats why I want a sloped or 2 tier board.
Quote by Highwaytohell
I suck at building is the thing ...
thats the thing though. I hate the way I have my pedals now. Thats why I want a sloped or 2 tier board.
In that case, this is what I recommend, because I got the PT-2 and it's sweet, but I would like the extra room and power supply.