hey people i have a harmony h77 guitar thats just epic, but its pretty old and i dont wanna risk damaging it so i was thinking about mabe getting a new hollowbody electric( similar to the h77) so i wont have to use the h77 as much, i play mainly blues and rock like aerosmith, led zeppelin kinda stuff, any ideas?
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Maybe a Gretsch or something like that, or an Ibanez hollowbody.
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a kazoo will rock some ass for like 85 cents.

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Full hollow or is semi acceptable?

I do, in either case, agree with the Gretsch vote. They're surprisingly versatile - not just rockabilly twang.
Gretsch are nice guitars for sure. Can't go wrong with an epi Dot for that money either.
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I disagree, I believe you can go wrong with a Dot. Check out the Sheratons and Rivieras. Epi released a Riviera with 3 P90s...with a quick upgrage (I've heard the stock pups are lacklustre) you're golden. Although, for a few extra bucks, you could get the advanced switching options that come with my baby, the Yamaha SA503 TVL...outside of that, definitely check Gretsch, and some Hagstroms aren't too bad either. Give a few guitars a good playing and find what you like and want, then go for it.
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