I'd better first tell you what amp I own. It's a Peavey Classic 30.

Ok, the first question is about the gear I have that I use with it, not about the actual amp itself.

I have a Boss Loop Station and I'm scared to use the guide on it because I know a bass guitar will ruin an amp, but can a drum machine ruin one?

Second question is about the dist./reverb on my amplifyer.

I have a single footswitch and I can do 3 things with it.

I can:
A) Use it to switch from clean to dist.
B) Use it to turn the reverb on/off
C) Use it to turn both on/off simultaniously. When dist. is on, reverb is on. Clean doesn't have reverb like this.

I want to be able to turn both on/off indepentantly. Would getting a footswitch with 2 switches do this, or would I be throwing my money away?
It shouldn't, unless you're cranking your amp, your speakers are somewhere around 45W, and that drum machine puts out frequencies that resemble bass guitar.
It didn't think the drum machines in those put out excessive amounts of bass?
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not