so ive been playing guitar for a few years now and my calluses still peel all the time, what the hell i figured they would just get used to all the playing after a while but they look so damn retarded sometime i have to choice but to peel em off and wait a few days to play again...btw i play anywhere from 5 to 8 hours a day so that could be why lol
Mine peel a bit too, but its just the dry dead skin that comes off, they don't really affect my playing at all.
After 4 years of playing mine still peel from time to time, I am usually still able to play after I peel them. It has gotten better over time, so I assume you will be the same way as you start to build up your calluses more and more. Look into using Epsom Salt or superglue on your fingers, pitchers use them in baseball games to avoid getting blisters on their finger tips. With the Epsom Salt, all you do is fill a glass halfway with water and then pour the salt in there then soak your fingers in it for a while. With the superglue all you need to do is put some on your finger tips and let it dry. Both act as callouses and I have found that they work quite well.
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O.o... it SOUNDS like a good idea, but when you use the superglue, wouldn't it be worse when it ends up peeling off? XD
It does get a little messy when it comes off, but I think he should be fiine if he doesn't go overboard with it. When I use it, I use anly a tiny amount, just enough to get a thin layer, so it isn't too bad when it all peels off.
Your fingers will peel to some degree for as long as you play. The only guitarist I know who may not have this problem is Tommy Iommi... who.. plays with artificial finger tips because of a disagreement with some powertools in the early 70's
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