When I try to burn a CD in iTunes (unprotected mp3s), I choose audio cd (as opposed to data cd or mp3 cd) and after burning it says there were no errors. But when I play it in my cd player it doesn't work. But when I put it back into my computer it opens/plays it fine in WMP. What is the problem? Thanks.
do you have the most recent version of itunes ?
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Is your CD player working?

Are you using the right type of CD?

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Yeah, iTunes is updated. I'm using CD-R's, and I've tried it with 3 different CDs so I know it's not the individual CD that's the problem. And yeah, I checked the CD player with a CD I bought and it works fine.
some CD players have issues with burned CDs try another CD player, also try burning one with WMP and see if that works.
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Damn, it still didn't work. Well I guess the problem isn't iTunes then. Probably just the CDs. I guess CD-R doesn't work. Thanks for all the help though