hey guys, this is what im starting with for my 100gbp build, its the remenents of my first electric guitar. it was given to me in a non working state many years back. i fixed the wiring, but due to old dusty pots, junkie pickups, more fret buzz than you could imagine, i took it apart and decided to fix it up. it had this nasty buzz and scratchy sound to it so my bud kyle and i decided to dub it fuzzy. i bought the epiphone bridge and tail piece on ebay about a year ago for 30 bucks and then never got around to doing anything with it. and so i start on it now.


its guna need a pickguard, pots, a cap, a switch, machine tuners, pickups, some re finishing, and the cracks on thee headstock fixed.

ill probly go with some ebay p90s, and run just a single tone and volume knob with a 3way selector switch.

i have no idea what kind of guitar this ever was, if anyone has a good guess id like to hear it
Looks pretty Teisco, or Teisco-associate. I'm going by the sunburst, the fact that it was made for one of those cheapo trapeze-vibrato tailpieces, and the shape of the faded spot for the logo on the headstock. I'm curious, personally, to see where the pickups go... I don't see any routs. Uh for a pickup you can get pretty cheap blanks around, or you could possibly try the make-it-out-of-a-vinyl-record approach I'm fond of suggesting.
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they use top mounting pickups, kind of hard to find pickups that'll mount straight to it, but: http://store.guitarfetish.com/gfsnyodestsu.html

those should work. humbuckers, but they do the job.

Pickgaurd'll be trick, you'll have to get it custom done.

Pots and jack, easy $10

Tuners: http://store.guitarfetish.com/vistlpjrspme.html

I guess you could try to ebay everything up.

edit: I think the logo used to say "K" on there. It's probably a Kay japanese import.

The neck and frets will need a lot of work probably, possibly warped. You'll need to level the frets, crown 'em and shim the neck up.
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it did have a really crappy kind of vibrato on it, lol.
the pickups just screwed into the body from the top like a soapbar, so i figured putting a decent soapbar there would not only sound cool, but be mounable. ive got a 500k pot from anouther guitar, with what i got i may just get a single p90 and run the 500k as the tone and get a seperate 500k for the volume, then cut a pickguard out of stainless sheet metal
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I dog ear p90's could mount on there. I've never been clear on how dog ears mount, but that would be a cool setup. Like an SG junior.

Personally, I'd try to stick with the funky 60's japanese vibe, you know? Throw the old vibrato tailpeice on, but lock it, and keep the tune-o-matic on there. Use the Retrotrons from GFS and use a black vinyl pickgaurd. To me, though, the biggest hurdle you face is the neck.
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Get a photoshop account, download all the photos onto that and then upload them up onto UG with the (Invalid img) tags around it....