i currently only have an ibanez rg350 which is fine for playing what i am at the moment, but i want to get another guitar to play some drop tuned stuff, but also get thicker chunkier sounds. i realise a different amp to an orange/pedals could make my ibanez sound how i would like it to but im after a different guitar:

my budget is around AU$1400, USD$950, 630ish pound.

requires string through body
be a heavier wood eg. solid mahogany
obviously things like stay in tune well etc.
not fussed about pickups although i'd rather passive
sound good drop tuned
nice thick, beefy sound

i play queens of the stone age, metallica, zeppelin to name a few, but they're my favourites. Cheers
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Well, look at schecters, maybe a gibson, stay away from Dean guitars .

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I would say a gibson les paul but its more than your budget or most peoples budgets any way lol so an epiphone les paul? sounds good to me
I'd second a schecter, they're really good. Especially the hellraiser series.
I'd say a Les Paul, but since it's out of your range i'd go for a ESP LTD-1000. Get amber sunburst one. It has a Duncan '59 in the neck and a JB in the bridge. it's right under your budget.
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Les Paul copy of some description would suit you fine. There're lots out there.

I own a Sparrow LP copy called a Rat Rod. It's a beast, wieghs about 9.5lbs, plays as well or better than any Gibson LP I've ever played, and cost me $800 CAD (about $700 US)

Link: www.sparrowguitars.com/ They do have Australian Distributers.

Another way you could go, A liitle off beat, but stll chunky, heavy, thich sounding is a BC Rich MockingBird.
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If the LP shape doesn't do it for you, here's a couple of super strats

Cort KX101 - All mahogany, Duncan 59/JB pups
Cort KX Custom FTB - Mahogany/maple top & neck Duncan 59/JB pups

I've heard they are really good value in Australia.
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schecter would be great. im picking up a gibson explorer with blackouts for the same reason

by the way, if your favorite bands are metallica, zeppelin, and queens of the stone age, why are you looking to drop tune, none of their meterial is drop tuned?
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Gibson Explorer? I just got one and i reccommend it highly.

EDIT: You would have to look in used, but if you can find one with the stock pups then it would be perfect
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