Doesn't matter either one, but...I figure I've been playing a year and Vai and Satriani the way they play is beautiful in my opinion, so I'd really like to learn one of there songs.

Does anyone have any idea which would be the easiest to play?Of either of them?
War by Satriani is cool. Just sort of a blues head.
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If you are making typical progress, "Always With Me, Always With You" by Satch shouldn't be too hard. You should probably be able to get at least 80% of it.
why not challenge yourself? its how you get better and progress after all. raspberry jam delta-v by satch took me a long while to learn but was the greatest feeling when i got it down
well in a way, i am challenging myself. Until now all I've played has been Jimi Hendrix, Maybe a bit of led zeppelin thrown in, nothing really new age, with any shredding or real sound effects at all.

Alot of these are crazy with sound effects and the FR use lol, but needless to say I'm gonna try
I would recommend Love Thing. Its easy to find a backing track, and easy to play, and sounds cool!
Ten Words by Satriani is probably his easiest song. Starry Night is pretty easy too. Most of the Super Colossal album is actually fairly easy, with the exception of some of the solos of course.