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peavey vypr 60
0 0%
b-52 a112
2 33%
blackstar hc-5w
2 33%
peavey valve king 112
2 33%
Voters: 6.
hey im getting a new combo amp really soon like less then a week
im using it for practiing
i play metal and 70s rock
wanna spend under 450 bucks

thinking about the b52 at 112
peavey valveking 112
peavey vypyr 60 tube amp verison
darkstar hc -5w

any suggestions which one sounds the best or is the best of quality (least problems wiht)

any other amps sugesstions if u wanna

ps i was told a messa boogie but i cant seem to find it on any sites

thanks ppl =)
You wont get a boogie in that price range. Try out a traynor too, if you can find one used that'd be another good bet. Well, depending where you live I guess.
I'm Joel. I play guitar. I am a student. I look at the cost of tuition, not in a dollar value, but in the guitars I'm sacrificing now, to be able to buy later.
my cousin has a boogie laying arund but he was unhappy with it so hes getting a fender somthing said hed give it to me for cheap

but is the cheapest mesa as good or better to those >?
I'm in the same dilemma as you! I've spent a bunch of hours online trying to figure it out, but I just got to go try some out. That's probably what you should do too, because the Blackheart Handsome Devil was on my list, but when I tried it I couldn't get as heavy of a distortion as I would have liked (w/ no pedals). I really want to try that Blackstar. The B-52(60w) might be too much for home practice levels, and I've read of some reliability issues. One that you didn't mention is the Randall RG50TC, which is supposed to be a great metal amp.
Again, I need to follow my own advice, and just bring my guitar to whatever stores and try them all out because it's a pretty big investment. I'd hate for you to buy without trying and regret anything, but I understand that some things are much easier to get online...
I'm really curious about the Blackstar though, if anyone has any input.

BTW, I think the Vypr60 is some kind of tube hybrid, so you may want to look into that further if you really want a pure tube amp.
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