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peavey vypr 60
2 9%
b-52 a112
6 26%
blackstar hc-5w
9 39%
peavey valve king 112
6 26%
Voters: 23.
hey im getting a new combo amp really soon like less then a week
im not using it for gigs
i play metal and 70s rock
wanna spend under 450 bucks

thinking about the b52 at 112
peavey valveking 112
peavey vypyr 60 tube amp verison
darkstar hc -5w

any suggestions which one sounds the best or is the best of quality (least problems wiht)

any other amps sugesstions if u wanna

ps i was told a messa boogie but i cant seem to find it on any sites i can get a used onefomrmy friend but thats about it

thanks ppl =)

even if u dont comment please do the poll
Blackstar... Its surprisingly loud as hell and it gets great tones at bedroom levels as well...
I own a valveking 100 head, and I find it to be pretty good sound quality (not muddy, can get good lead tones, and a deep voicing with tonnes of mids). I play a lot of metalcore and tech metal kinda stuff, and I find it fits my needs for low tunings.

Now on another note- yes a mesa would be mroe proficient (as in more "tight") for the same things I use my amp for. However, I will NEVER find a mesa head and 412 cabinet for $500 (which I just so happened to get my VK head and a decent 412 for!)

If you get a chance, try out all the amps for yourself, I've heard good things about the B-52 as well.
valveking 100 head
fender FM 412
BC rich platinum warlock ... w/ duncan invader and jazz
^yep, they make tube models now, at NAMM they unveiled a Vypyr head
And about the reliability issues with the B-52, they supposedly fixed the problems, so if you buying new it should be fine
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