I've been eyeing this Epiphone SoCal Head for a while, even though I've never played it. Each time I went to that GC, it was never on, and nobody even bothered setting it up.

Apparently, it's on clearance, and the guy told me that someone had turned it on without a speaker cable on it, so it pretty much fu?!ed it up.

So my question is, how much damage do you theoretically think this amp has? Would be worth it to be able to talk the guy to sell it cheaper (they have the nerve to sell it for $350!!!), so I can get it fixed?

Kick some sense to me amp gurus.
well i hav a crate 30w and the other day i turned it on without a speaker cable in it but its still real good so i dunno, i wud get it if u want it but definitly hav a play on it 1st
Before it went on clearance, I was trying to use it, speaker cable plugged and all. No sound was coming out of it. Tubes were glowing though.
Flyback voltage is a huge killer of amps. Some of the things could be small such as tubes or a grid resister. Or a large thing could be the output transformer.

So basically you could be spending anywhere from $100.00 to 500.00 to get this amp going again. Just something to keep in mind. It's hard to diagnose if your not looking at it.
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.