I'm about to build my first effect pedal, a very simple preamp for my bass. I just need to know how to connect the jack. In varius schematics it has 3 connections. Wheres the "case" connection is plugged in to ground. And the battery minus is connected to one of the jack's signal paths. And signal itself is connected to the other one of the signal pathways. I just cant seem to figure out how to connect the ground to the minus on the battery, that is the goal right?

I hope you understand me. Theres a link here:

Then you might be able to understand my question.

I know how the symbols and stuff look like. I just cant figure out how to connect to jack-plug itself. The mono jack I have at my disposal atm has two connections. So when theres 3 in the schematic. What to do?
buy a different one? or maybe you have to solder it directly on the jack. One must be a ground. they are the little grove in your cord. I haave no experience with building pedals but you can try and seee if that helps.
that build requires a different socket to the one you have.

You curently have a mono jack, with 2 connections.

You require a stereo jack, with 3 connections. The purpose of the stereo jack is to automatically turn the power on when you plug in to it.

There are ways around this, but I dont have the time to edit the schematic at the moment. I'll drop by later and do it if no-one else has though.
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I have a stereo jack now The "tip" of the jack is the signal path? then i get the point ^^
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I have a stereo jack now The "tip" of the jack is the signal path? then i get the point ^^


and the "ring" of the jack is where you connect the battery (-)

since the plug you'll insert in this jack is mono, it will short the "ring" connection of the jack to the "sleeve". now your battery is connected only when the plug is inserted.
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