Well, I've been wanting to 'Mod' my guitar for a while now, but I was just wondering if these things were possible or worth investing. So I have a few questions.

First of all, my guitar is an " 06 Epiphone Les Paul Custom", I bought it for $1000AU.

I was talking to my guitar teacher today about getting a Floyd rose on it what it would require and he told me I'd be much better off with a bigsby, he knows someone who is a very highly skilled guitar luthier, he told me that he could install a bigsby on it and correctly balance it. So...

- What are the pros and cons with bigsbys?

- Can you change the tuning of the guitar (say tune half a step down or more) without altering the setup of the bigsby?

Also, I've wondering is it possible at all to get parts cut away to have fret access like the Gibson Les Paul Axcess or would it not be possible cause of the design?

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Can't dive properly on a bigsby, and you sure as hell cant pull em up.

Theyre for wobbles, literally, and yeah, tuning changes aren't an issue, but i reccomend fitting some locking tuners so it holds tune with excessive use.
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