Im looking some for some fast or faster then average strumming and cool sounding songs. Probably something fairly modern but im not limited on this. Can involve anythin barre chords, power chords whatever. Not too muc finger picking if available? Any suggestions will be appreciated Cheers guys.
Artist: The Last Shadow Puppets
Song: Standing Next To Me

You could try that, i find it pretty fun.
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try some ska songs they have a fair amount of fast strumming and chords for example keasby nights by streetlight manifesto
If you learn rasguedos flamenco strumming, you can attempt Justin King's Phunkdified.
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Thanks guy, Ill look over them all. At the moment im "attempting" Pinball wizard. Doesnt seem too hard except for the strumming.
Fast strumming? How about Foreplay/Long Time by Boston?

That's really all I've got. Sorry dude.
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Al di Meola, Paco de Lucia & John McLauglin - Mediterranean Sundance
DMB- Crash into me, It has a very cool srumming pattern but its tricky to pick the bass notes while strumming. Give it a shot!
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Crash Into Me- Dave Matthews Band,

i wouldn't say its rediculously fast strumming, but it just sounds nice.