my writing is usually heavy, like the bandsi used to always listen to.

but im over it.

well not the music, just the songs.
i really wanna have a sound similar to bloc party(silent alarm) and arctic monkeys.
sorta artistic, happy, smart songs.

im learning the whole silent alarm album tonight by bloc party.
iv been learning both guitar parts, and often haveing a geez at the bass.
what should i be looking at and concertrating on, if i wanna take something from learning theese songs and put it into my later playing and songwriting?

just ask, if my question needs more explaining. thanks.
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First of all space bar isn't your friend

Secondly why would you want to sound like them ?
Why do you want to have those influences ?

Just write what you want and compose whatever you want.
Thats what i've been doing for ages, And people sometimes tell me it sounds a bit like Nirvana sometimes, But yeah, That's because its my favorite band.
I don't want to write just like they did, But sometimes just do because i am influenced by them because i like them and not because i want to write and compose like them.

If you want to be influenced by then i guess you'd have to force yourself to do so.

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Dude, I think I would know, Trivium invented Thrash, Metallica are lucky they got as far as they did piggy-backing off of Trivium's signature style.
okay, i saw that reply coming a mile away.
i dont want to sound like them. as in "yuh, here is a carbon copy of some british indie bands"
i just want to sorta broadern my influences and take from their music what i can for my own.

have you never learnt some songs by a band that you wanted to learn as a way of learning how they do it. its like when some people hear sweeping and go "hey i wanna learn that" then go learn a song with some sweeping. i hear a whole lot of real well written songs and think "hey i wanna learn how to do that" and go learn some.

my question is, what i should be focusing on with theese songs to get that sorta thing im after, cause atm it just feels like im playing along to the gp and not taking much in.

is there a way i can look into the theory of how its made? or the scales being used and stuff? thanks.
Maybe should figure out what chord progressions and scales they use, find similarities, in each of the songs if you can. Also study what notes stand out in the song, and check them against the chord it is played over.

Analyse the bass part. Figure out if it is mainly playing eighth notes, triplets, etc. Look at any fills the bass plays.

Also analyse the drum parts as well. Some bands are defined by what the drummer plays- not the guitarist. Follow the same procedure you did for the bass (rhythms, fills, etc.).

Another thing I forgot is the vocal part. You'll have to look at that in every song as well, as in most songs, the vocal part either makes or breaks the song.

If you really want to make songs in a similar vein, you are going to have to do a fair bit of research and break things down. Like anything else, you'll reap what you sow.

EDIT: Also, you're going to have to compare each part to every other part in the song, to see where things fit, what plays over what and when.
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