Ok, so, my rig is almost ready, just need to contact a couple more people but I'm nearly done!

What I will ultimately have:

Jackson Soloist SL2 (have)
Blackstar HT5H (have)
Framus Dragon 2x12 cab (have it kept for me)
MXR 10 band M-108 (will have tomorrow)
Ibanez TS9DX (will have tomorrow)
Boss Metal Zone mt-2 (will have tomorrow)

Now, for now this is my practice rig. So I won't move it much.. I will still make some kind of pedal board obviously.

The last thing I need are cables. I thought about Planet Waves for the guitar and pedals. I'm not sure if I get cables with the cab or amp since I don't have them yet (they're waiting for me at home, I'm on vacation abroad), but I have some leftover van den hul cables, really expensive ones for hifi if you guys know it, but I have no idea if those are good enough or optimal for the cab.

What do you say?
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