hi ya, k. ive been playin guitar for a month and a half now. about 3 weeks ago, i started to practice the californication intro. but i cant seem to be able to stretch my 1st finger and ring finger fast enough to play the bass part of the intro. (if u no wat i mean) ? would ye have any suggestions on how i can get around this problem ? any info will help. johnny !!
keep practicing maybe some other song with a little less stretching, it will come by itself after a while, don't worry. Just keep practicing
Try doing finger excercises everyday like running up and down a scale or simply doing this:

e--------------------------------------------------------------1 2 3 4----------
B-------------------------------------------------- 1 2 3 4---------------------
G----------------------------------------1 2 3 4--------------------------------
D -----------------------------1 2 3 4------------------------------------------
A------------------1 2 3 4------------------------------------------------------
E-------1 2 3 4-----------------------------------------------------------------

Play each 1 with your first finger, 2 with your second, 3 with your ring, and 4 with your pinky, then do the excercise backwards

This will build basic finger strength and help your fingers get used to the stretch
^^ do that.

thats the first thing i teach any new student, and make sure they practise it everyday. you will see and feel results
you are hearing me talk



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thanks for your replys. i am tryin out other songs, such as (dont cry, good riddance, corduroy, and a few others for beginners. i ll will give that finger excercise ago! thank you ! johnny