Think back to that first time you busked, how did you feel?

Any experiences to share?

This is the place!
I was always to chicken to busk, yet played many times in crowds of 200 - 500..... I think the fact that I knew people were coming to see a band specifically vs. kind of just putting it out there for so many people that may not care......

I have a certain respect for buskers.... always contribute if I got the change.
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I've only ever busked on trombone - there were a few of us, and it was for guide dogs for the blind, at christmas. And I mainly felt really, really cold. Was fun though. We made about £2.5k one year in 3 days
I haven't yet, but seeing as it's starting to warm up and I'm unemployed....
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It was great! At first I was nervous as hell and kept failing at trying to play some songs that i thought everyone would know because I couldn't stop shaking from being so nervous. Then I realized that playing songs was a dead end and started playing some chord progression over and over. I told jokes and talked to many of people, even had my picture taken by a group of these high schoolers. In the end I made 20 bucks! I'm gonna have to go again now that the weather's not so bad...
did once 2 summers ago w/ a friend, was pretty fun between me and my friend made roughly $35.
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^ That right there is what it's all about. I used to do this when I was 18. I lived near a city park in the heart of a big city, and every morning in the summer months I'd go there and sit up on the railing of a little bridge over a stream running through the park. I'd just play whatever came to mind. Everything and nothing really. It was more for all the people going this way and that than anything else. Just a little music to maybe brighten their day. After a couple weeks of this routine, you start to notice that some of the same people will come by and say hi and stop to listen for a while. I also never had an empty, open guitar case nearby for ppl to toss money into, since I never had a case back then. People would still try to give me money tho. I recall someone giving me a $20 once. And I wasn't even doing it for the potential money, it was just a fun cool thing to do at the time.

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