I recently got a new guitar, 'Fender American Standard Telecaster' I think, it cost £979 so obviously Im not gonna give up in trying to get a decent tone! Im using it with a Marshall AVT100, and I just cant get a Blink 182 kind of sound, or anything punk/poprock-ish.

I have changed anything on the guitar since I bought it, the volume and tone knobs are set to 10, and the killswitch is set to treble.

On the amp I usually use OD1, with scoop on, bass - 3, middle 3, treble - 7, presence - 4.

Any guitar geniuses got any ideas, like how I can set my amp tone settings to achieve a good sound? Any help would be MUCH appreciated!

its either the single coils on the guitar aren't giving you the right sound, i.e. not 'thick' enough, a la humbuckers.
or, more likely the amp is terrible. you could improve the sound with a decent distortion pedal, look at Blackstar, some Boss pedals...
or get a new amp.
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Do you have any tone suggestions then? It just sounds twangy and weird right now.. I guess I have to get humbuckers fitted.. or new pick-ups, too confusing for me >_< lmao!

Plus I love my amp, it sounds awsome with my Epiphone Les Paul Custom, and with a Gibson Les Paul.. do you think its just a bad combination? Fender with a Marshall or something?
Telecasters generally are known for their twanginess... I'd try turning the scoop off on your amp, see if that helps.

A good Fender will sound fine through a good Marshall, but you can't generalise like that... your AVT100 is nothing like a JCM900, like a Squier Bullet is nothing like a USA Strat.
Right now, you have a very bright guitar and very bright amp settings. A good punk rock sound requires less treble and more middle and bass. AVTs are difficult to eq, so take your time with this. Set all your eq controls at 5 and work from that in small steps. You will most likely end up with treble rolled back and bass and mids turned up a little.
Also, don't use too much gain or too much presence.
blink has been using humbucking pickups throughout their career, so you end up like a basketball player trying to play football.
It's all about feel
Nice one TheQuailman! Im gonna try it.. Thanks man

Lol hopespaul! Ah well >_<