So I am borrowing my friends guitar since it's better than mine and she hasn't played it in two years. I changed the strings last night and was messing around for a bit and noticed that the 4th fret on the e string was dead. After fiddling around with it I realized I could get the note to come out if I pressed down where I normally would and then pressed the fret a bit. All of the other notes are fine, it's just this one. Is there any way to fix this?

It's an acoustic Ibanez, I believe the Sage SGT110VS but I'm not 100% sure. Any advice?
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New fret or check action?
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Before you do anything drastic... make sure you re-hydrate the guitar with a humidifier.
Most people that don't use their acoustics for long periods forget to keep them humidified and that can loosen frets, twist necks, warp bodies, but more ofter and not it can be repaired over a week of slowly re-adding the moisture.

Here's a good video about how dramatic humidity problems can be, but how easy they are to fix over a week.

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