Great forum here. I haven't played guitar on a regular basis in about 10 years. I am getting back into it. Recently bought a used SG standard and am now lost as to what amp to buy. Everything is different/better now than when I bought my first amp in the early 90's. Then I had Fender and Peavey solid state amps and a bunch of pedals. I was hoping to avoid a plethora of gear since now my guitar playing will just be for me....no bands, recording, or gigs. I was thinking about getting a Line6 15W, but thought maybe I should step it up in quality/features and get something else. I am looking for something that can do a classic rock sound like Angus Young or Joe Walsh....and also some 80's hair band and Metallica type stuff. I'd like to spend 300 or less, but am willing to go over for something special. Any help would be appreciated.
Yeah it sounds like you and a Vypyr would be a match made in heaven, and they are better quality than Line 6's