i know that solid wood is supposed to sound better but can anyone describe how the tone differs and is it worth spending extra money to get it.will the sound be louder?
i currently have a washburn dreadnought with a laminated spruce top
It's pretty tough to put tone into words, but yes more volume and better tone. Better being brights mids and bass that is ....more... how do you put into words.

are you sure the top of yours is laminate? most guitars will be a hybrid with a solid top and laminated back. since a large portion of the sound comes off the top, 70 - 90%, a hybrid guitar can be a great way to get very good sound without breaking the budget. Since solid tops can start in the mid hundreds of dollars, I'm thinking maybe yours actally has a solid top?

anyway.. the best way to know the difference for sure is to go to a music store and ask the sales person to play the different instruments with the different options. This works better than you playing yourself because you can step back a few feet and hear the full sound of each guitar. They sound amazingly different when you step away from them than when your head is 2 feet above the sound hole.
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Save the extra dollars for a solid top, you won't regret it. Over time, your solid top will sound better, which from laminates, from what I know, the sound does not change at all.
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Like someone above said, it's tough to describe without any sound. I would say that the main difference is note clarity. That is, when you play a chord (with good wood), you hear each note, rather than a clump of sound.