Couldn't find the correct place to post this, so here it goes!

Anyways...a friend of mine is taking lessons, and he showed me how he learned to do pinch (or artificial?) harmonics. What he does is barre the fret itself, but only lightly has his finger touching the strings, instead of pressing them down. It works (he showed me, and I tried it as well), but the way I've always known how to play them is to basically pick the string with my picking-hand thumb right after the pick strikes it and is moving away (it's harder to describe then to show...but, YouTube has a lot of vids on this).

Anyways...is the way he does it actually correct? I know there's no true "right" or "wrong" in some instances, but I've just never seen this done before. The only difference is that when he does it, it tends to be either a little lower or higher than when I do my techique on the same string(s).
Yes, what he's doing is called natural harmonics, what you knew from before is called artificial harmonics

EDIT: typo ^^
it's basically a natural harmonic. a pinch harmonic is using your picking finger against the string to make it "scream", a la Zakk Wylde
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Oh...huh, wow, lol. Thanks for the info. Natural harmonics are pretty damn cool now, haha.