I read on this forum, long before I ever decided to post, that almost all guitarists are copycats of someone before them. The muse of creation has its perks, pulls, re-inventions, and do overs. But are we truly copycats, or have we selected a base color for our sound that we can improve on. I want to know what you think. Why did you start playing, what were the circumstances, what sound invented you...if you will?

a Little about myself. (Fitting for a first post really). I started playing stick in 99, after my brother quit and left a Seagull Acoustic lying around the house. I never really learned anything special. Am-Em-G-D, you know the basics. From there I took advice from anyone that would listen. I used to carry that Seagull around with me all the time, trying to learn as much as I could. I used to have random guys come over and pull the old, "Mind I play a bit" on me. I never cared, still don’t. If your better than me, that’s cool. And whether you know it or not, I learn something new every time I watch someone play. I still haven’t taken lessons, and I'm really not all that great, but I got this way by watching people. I'd like to say that I’ve been a copycat of everyone that I have come into contact with in some way.

In 2006, I wanted to get into Electrics. I got a Les Paul Studio for Christmas, and a Line 6 Spider III. I like the set up, as it gives me the flexibility to play whatever I want. Tone, sound, brightness, and low end are good enough for my ear. I always wanted a Marshall Stack, but then who didn't? I never really cared about getting better faster, as I knew that time would cure all. When I was young with the Guitar, I used to get upset when someone would show me up, even though I knew it was inevitable. I can’t really explain why, other than admitting that Guitar was more about meeting girls and impressing friends than making music and bearing my soul. That’s the beginning for most of us, really.

My earliest influences were AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynryd, Blink 182 and a few others. Ultimately, I ended up making sounds that mirrored a blend between AC/DC and Megadeath. But I'd have to say that I play more like Carpenter from the Deftones, I just wish I sounded that good. But I know now that it just dosent matter. In my own humble opinion, if you haven’t written your own tunes, you’re still a beginner in many ways. That’s not to say that studio musicians don’t follow the craft, but ask yourself….What motivates you, the riff, or the Band?

Here I am, ten years later, still confused with the opening to Hey Joe. Still working the Am pentatonic and not knowing it. Still attracted to all things Slayer, Pantera, and Megadeath, yet I don’t own anything but the Great Southern Trendkill. Metal is my motivation, and I’ve copied it as best as I can. What motivated you, who did you copy, who influenced the electric death that rings out from your amplifier.

i don't really "copy" people, i am influenced but many guitarists, but not really copying their every move
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It easier to make your own style up naturally over time than it is to actually consciously copy someone else.
My brother got a first act electric for Christmas many years ago, he played for about 4 weeks and stopped. a few months after that, I was bored in the basement, saw it over in the corner and decided to give it a shot. I looked up begginners guitar riff on the internet and learned the crazy train intro and the main riff of purple haze.

I'd say I "copy" Lamb of God and Chimaira the most, mainly because I gained the most improvement through learning their songs, but recently Mark Knopfler has been shaping my style to a new place.
Id say it was trivium from ascendancy days that started me wanting to play, at the time they were some of the most awesome solos id heard

But nowadays im most influenced my Petrucci, Cannical Corpse, Cynic, Opeth, wholse range of metal guys and other stuff
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i took a lot of influence from skynyrd, billy gibbons, metallica, and dimebag i'd say, but your influence is really just what bands you love to jam along too and learn. i'm happy to say, however, that my sound has recently ventured far from anything i listen to