Hey im gonna get some new pickups for my strat, but i dont know exactly which ones to get. I will be getting seymour duncans pickups. Could i just buy three of the same pickups or is that not what you do? Or do i need to get different ones for the bridge neck and middle position? I know some of the pickups are called staggered and some are called flat but what does this mean? Please help!!!
Please reply!!!
They make specific pickups for the various positions (as in, the same model has the neck and bridge versions). EDIT: actually, i think some models work in all positions, depends i suppose...

Staggered means that the pole pieces on the same pickup are of different heights (like, the ones under the middle strings are taller than the ones at the edges).

If it's a Fender strat, the stock pickups are good enough that a pickup change might not be necessary; consider investing in something else that would improve your tone more.
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+1 to what the poster above me said

What amp do you have? and what do you want about your tone to change?
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all pickup manufacturers will tell you which positions their pickups are recommended for. and yes, some pickups will do well in all positions.

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What amp do you have? and what do you want about your tone to change?

yeah ^^ we need to know your style, amp, tone preference.

you want three single coils right? (the small ones, just in case )