Poll: Longest you've gone for without taking a dump?
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View poll results: Longest you've gone for without taking a dump?
1 day
1 2%
2 days
7 15%
3 days
12 26%
4 days
6 13%
5 days
4 9%
6 days
2 4%
A week or more
14 30%
Voters: 46.
7 days, savage camping trip, didn't want to do it in the woods.

Turd was so big, it felt like an anal punch
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3 days. i blame it on guinness. it can make you pebble dash the toilet, or bung you up so tight you can only squeeze a fart out every 3 hours
I was at some activity camp place and the toilets were disgusting so I held it in for the whole week

When I got back it was pure bliss taking that dump
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