hey guys i was tryin get an indie sound out of my amp.
i can get a good rock/metal sound for anything from foo fighters-metallica.

anyone got any ideas

my setup is a squire affinity telecaster
yamaha pacifica 612v
roland cube 30x

plz help my influence are the view,bloc party, white lies, arctic monkeys, the days, oasis,stone roses,glasvegas, razorlight


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Not really sure about the settings on the Cube, but you're looking for a general british voiced overdrive for that type of sound. Focus on mids and treble as opposed to bass, but your Tele will give you that anyway.


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you should try the Ultimate Settings Thread.
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i'm just throwing out general ideas:

use tweed or brit combo
gain low to medium
low bass, higher mids, high treble (but lower than mids)
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