anyone dig House? great music to jam out to or some kick back and chill to. What a weird combo, energetic smooth soul.

anyone have any suggestions?

im always down for new music, especially House.
'Music is the best"
Give me that house... music... all night long.

Possibly the best gay genre.
ah i didnt think i would find other house enthusiast on this site.....open your mind people.....ugh i give up on people
'Music is the best"
Theres plenty of people on here who listen to house, but you'll find most of them in the techno and dance threa.d
I'm a fan of sasha/digweed
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I'm getting into it. Give me some suggestions as its a ****ing massive genre.
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probably not, im pretty new to ze house music.

Also DanRev is correct TS, house has a heritage in gay clubs (YEARS ago, probably still today).

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DJ Spen - Essential Mix - 2007-03-11 (Tracklist)

Lots of funky and soulful house, with a good number of vocal tracks.

Frankie Knuckles - The Hot 97 All Night House Party, NY - 03/04/95

Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk & Ralphi Rosario - WBMX 1980's
Older mix with less of a defined 'house' feel.

The Beat Freakers - A Cut Above

Try downloading sets and seeing which ones you like (from other sites I mean, this is a small selection oriented towards older styles of house), then looking at the tracklists for artists to check out. Pete Tong's Essential Selection mixes are good for checking out new popular house music, but you'll have to go digging for less well known stuff.
Gypsy Woman by Crystal Waters.....probably the most popular house song, but its tight

and another real popular one is.....

Calabria by Rune

something that people should check out is the "After Dark Series". They're compilations of house from cities around the world...paris and chicago have exceptional ones.
'Music is the best"