We need a drummer! Two To Tango is an original modern/hard rock/mainstream band. We also play cover tunes to help pay the bills. Our focus is primarily on our original music as we have musicians that have been in signed, touring bands. Our singer/guitarist was a member of Swift (a well known metal band) and our other guitarist has toured with several bands on several Warped Tours. We are seeking a drummer between the ages of 20 and 35 with at least 5 years of solid playing experience. Backing vocals are a plus, but not essential. If you can't sing, don't worry. Just bring your drum chops. You must know and understand the concept of playing with a bassist and staying tight and in the pocket and being the foundation of the rhythm section. Please have the image of a modern rock musician. We are seeking a player who is widely influenced by a range of music. Here is a list of bands we like: 30 seconds to mars, the killers, foo fighters, hinder, breaking benjammin, dredg, coldpay, the postal service, mute math, U2, The Cure, the gorillaz, hum, jimmy eat world, sunny day real estate, deftones, new order, frou four, imogen heap, muse, third eye blind, rush, pearl jam, guns n roses, duran duran, candlebox, blindside, keane. Basically we are looking to do Mainstream, Modern Alternative Rock that you hear on the radio. Listen to our songs at www.twototangoband.com

If you are looking to join a jam band, death metal band, country band, classic rock band, Etc... We are not the band for you to join. We are strictly looking for someone to play drums and who is into the same type of music as us and has the same goals and aspirations as we do. We need someone who can jump right in and understand Performing and Writing Mainstream Modern Rock music. We have a rehearsal space, and pro equipment. We have a good attitude about music and we know what we want. If you think you can fill this position and meet all the requirements listed below, then send us a message to either our myspace or to taylormabe@hotmail.com

Requirements to Audition:

- Be between the ages of 20 to 35 (We are strict on this)
- Have somewhat of a modern rock self image
-Ability to play with a click track for recordings is a definite plus
- Love to play and write rock music
- Ability to improvise is a huge plus
- have at least 5 years of solid and hard practiced drumming experience
- Be able to understand the point and concept of playing in the pocket with the bass player and keeping the rhythm tight
- Have serious equipment.
- Have availability for rehearsals and shows

If you are interested and feel you could be the next drummer for Two to Tango, send us a message on myspace or email us at taylormabe@Hotmail.com