Stupid TASCAM... I have a problem with my tascam MIDI device. I can't get it to get any sound from my guitar (or amp) to my comp. I plug in the USB Cable, connect my guitar to my amp (fender strat and Vox Pathfinder 10 respectively, in case it matters), then connect another cable from the Line Out plug on the amp to the Line/Guitar In (R) plug on the TASCAM, and... then I have no clue where to go and sit there like a silly chimp. Garage Band (so I wasn't willing to read a 528-page-long manual for Cubase and nobody knew how to use it anyways, sue me) informs me that a new MIDI device has been connected. Great. So I change the Audio Input setting to the TASCAM and the Audio Output setting to Built-In Output, then try out ever channel on Input Source. A fat lot of nothing comes out. I have tried almost everything. What could be wrong? I've managed to use it just fine for piano MIDI recordings... I just don't get it.
Turn the input level up, make sure your MON MIX knob is positioned correctly so you can hear your input mix as well.

Are you sure your computer (XP?) has enabled the US-144 as the main sound card?

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