Hey guys, I'm looking to record guitar and vocals in my apartment. I'll be using my desktop computer, I'm trying to put a list of everything I need.

Obviously some kind of recording software, and a condensor mic. I'm shady on the rest of the stuff, if someone could direct me in the right direction that'd be nice. I've looked through a ton of threads and cant really find what I need. I'd like to spend under $200 if I can. I'm looking at the MXL 990/991 mic right now.

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I just have my acoustic guitar...vocals.. lol.. and my computer I built about a year ago...quad core @ 3.0, 4 gigs of ram, ect.

I have no recording software, gear of any kind.

Oh and my peavy classic 30, and electric guitar. lol
I'm looking at this little package, besides cables and stuff thats I should need right?

Check out Audacity to start you off with sequencing.

That looks decent enough. I don't know anything about that mic though.

Here's one that looks interesting. It's pricier, but has a better hardware interface - one that let's you direct monitor.


There are other cheaper hardware interfaces' with direct monitoring as well.

FYI- The go-to mic's are Shure SM57's and SM58's - depending on what you need to record.

I use this....


It basically sets up as an outboard sound card. It handles all my I/O (including MIDI). I run my monitors and head-phones out of it.
M-audio fast track pro would be my recommendation. Local sound tech is loving it.
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^I second that. A lot of their software and hardware is needlessly complex but once you get the hang of it then it'll last you forever. 8 years ago I got the delta 66 soundcard and omni IO and I'm still loving it great! The fast track pro is just the modern USB version of what I have and it's a great unite too.
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I'm just curious how the M audio fast track works? Does it plug in through usb and you can plug you guitar directly into the M audio to record or can you mic it too?

All this recording stuff is confusing me. I'd just like an m audio package with a vocal and guitar mic or something.

I'm just not sure how it captures the sound, etc.

for example:

this is the package i've been looking at. How would it work for me if I plan to be recording vocals, guitar, bass, and drums. I'm sure the mic wouldn't work for drums but how would it work for instruments and then vocals? Or does the guitar plug directly in? thanks for any help.
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Don't use audacity for multi-track recording.

It has synching issues.
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