I know this probably gets asked time and time again, but I couldn;t see a post so thought I'd ask.

I'm pretty much brand new to the guitar and I'm trying to get used to doing basic chrimatic techniques at the top of the guitar.

The problem I have, is that when it comes to stretching out my little finger to the 4th fret, my wrist hurts like mad. I'm pretty sure I've got my posture right and have tried moving both my hand around but still can't get it to stop hurting.

I wanted to find out if this is something your body gets used to, or I am doing something wrong.

Would really appreciate some advice, or links to useful articles etc.. on this.

Thanks guys.

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Anyway TS its probably just your fingers/hand adjusting to something they havent done before. They dont normally stretch like that so you just need to give them time to get used to doing that and you should be fine.
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Have you ever done yoga? It's pretty much an excercise in pain until your body stretches and developes the right muscles.

Consider guitar like a form of wrist and hand yoga. It's hurt on and off the guitar. If it's a sharp sharp pain, like a needle or something... .. then there might be something else going on.

An advil or two can help quite a bit... but some may call that cheating
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If the stretch is a bit much at the moment, try moving up the fretboard a bit - do your chromatic exercises starting from the 5th or 7th fret, then when that is comfortable move down a fret - your fingers will gradually get more flexible and you'll be back to playing in open position quick enough, minus the cramp.

Also, check you are not too tense, your arm, wrist and hand should be relaxed and you should only be putting enough pressure on the string to sound the note clearly. Tension could be a lot of the reason its hurting.

They'll eventually stretch farther without pain. Do stretching exercises like 1,2,3,4 with each finger assigned to a fret. Do this up and down the strings over and over, and then move onto 5,6,7,8. This'll help alot, not only for stretching, but for speed and precision as well.
If the pain doesnt go away, or comes back after a while, you may have a trapped nerve. Feels like lots of little pins being poked onto your skin.
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Thanks a lot for your help with this guys. Will try some of the suggestions.

Really helpful forum.