Here's another project I just finished. Dig it, metalcore, no. I hate metalcore, but the resembelnce is uncanny, so I can understand it being in that genre. This would be more like Hardcore, like Lower Definition, Enter Shikari. Stuff like that.

Whatever, rate and crit it as a piece, not a genre. C4C
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Very tidy piece overall. I really like it and the way you've layered all the guitar sounds and such.

I can really hear the 'Shikari influence you're talking about. Just needs the synth stuff (like, a sawtooth type thing or whatever other than a string section) and I guess it would sound almost exact. Oh well, that's not a problem.

It's irrellevent (spelling?!) but I really like the title aswell.

The riff at 66 was probably the highlight of the song, generic but really cool. The bassline is cool aswell. Everything just goes together so well.

Bar 90 and that section in general reminded me a tadge of Fightstar, which was really cool.

The ending got a bit boring but eh, that big chord at the end really topped the piece of.

Love it. 10/10.
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My computer's being to laggy for me to play this, but what I got sounds really great. I'll crit it later from a better computer. Promise.

EDIT: Got around to it now. I don't see anything in general wrong with it. You're a lot more creative with your chords than most people who write in this style. I don't want to be a waste of post here so, I'd suggest a bridge of some sort that's a little different from the rest of the song. Maybe a bridge that focus's less on the guitars and maybe uses a major mode. But that's just me. I tend to always think a song needs a really different bridge.
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Hey man, thanks for the crit

Anyway, I really enjoyed listening to this song. The intro came in with a great bang which was great. I loved the bass over the intro riff too, it added something that's not usually done in this genre (usually following the root, 8th notes :P) lol. Also, I loved the part from bar 88 to about 105. You did really well there. Lyrics and good vocals would go great over this. Bar 17 especially haha. What kind of vocals were you planning to use (if any)? I also like how you kept returning to the riff from bars 9 and 10.

One thing I think this needs is more of a break, or interlude type thing. And maybe a solo if you can fit one in there lol. But thats all up to you.

Overall I really liked it. 9.5 / 10
awesome song.

but I did not like how you kept stopping the song and coming back. for me, that usually works epicly in a song once. but come on. like 4 times? that's pushing it.
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