I am loooking for a gibson sound type of guitar and I am wondering if I will be going to the epiphone road or not. All around the net i hear the same complains about the epiphone les paul standard :

1. Doesn't stay tuned
2. Noise volume/tone nob

So good investment to buy an epiphone and upgrade pickup/tuner/nob ?
I havent had a problem with tuning on my G-400, nor with the pots, its about 5 years old now, The pickups on the Goth series arent bad, But the other mid grade Epiphone guitars pickups sound wrose then Jackson CVR-2's, They dont have much difference other than pickups compared to the low end gibsons. They sound pretty close, just gibson has better wood.
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My epi LP standard model stays in tune very well. The cheap ones like specials and LP100s have the serious tuning issues. The tone knob volume knob issues are really easy to fix usually less than 15 bucks in parts. But not every epi has such issues. They vary alot in how they play. So go to a good size store and try several to find a good one.
i just...dont like epiphone. the bew gibsons arent very good IMO, so what are the new epis like.

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I have an Epiphone Les Paul Custom(high end Epi's are quite good really) Ex Emg and I'd say
To *high end* Epiphone > To low end Gibson.

EDIT: Yeah, Epiphone's got one little problem. Manufactoring. BAD manufactoring.
See, let's say you have 2 Epi's. Same model, same everything. It could VERY well be that one is REALLY good and the other's HORRIBLE. That explains the tuning problems and stuff.
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ive only had 2 problems with my epiphone LP special II , being the tuners sucked for at least a couple weeks and then they broke in. then only once i had a problem with the pickup switch (treble side). however the guitar sounds decent and with anything but the standard strings it sounds amazing.
my les paul standard has really had any problems, the only thing is that the G string goes out of tune slightly after alot of bends. other than that nothing. however the stock pickups do need changed, i just dont want to fork out the money for that any time soon tho.
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I need to upgrade, but my Special II hasn't been bad. I had the frets leveled and after that it has been good. However, I've owned it for about a year now and I think my high E string has cut into the crappy nut too much because the string is buzzing really bad at the first fret when I play an open string. I think it may actually be sitting on it. I am thinking about trying to replace the nut myself with a precut one, but I imagine that i will end up screwing it up if i do.
Don't bother. It's just a Standard with a fatter neck and a pair of Alnico II Pro pickups slapped in. Apart from the fact that Alnico II Pros are completely unsuitable for most people's rigs, they're also pretty cheap anyway. Basically you're paying out far more than you would if you just bought a Standard and put those pickups in yourself (again, not that those pickups would be any good to you; unless you have an amp the quality of Slash's they'll sound awful anyway).
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ive never had that problem with my les paul studio. i love its tone and it stays in tune perfectly. I only had one problem with it when it kept coming out of tune b4 a gig. other than that i love mine
So i am better with an Epiphone LP standard then change the tuner,pots,pickup?