Vinnie is no longer with us im sad to say. He'll be leaving for ohio in several weeks. JW is playing a farewell show with Vinnie February 13 at the eastrook subdivision. however, on the 20th JW is playing a show at grandview parkway in jacktown (Jackson), for the debut of our new bassist, Tiny Tim Cantrell.

Yours Truly, DP of Jokers Wild
Supposedly... we had never known of any other jokers wild before until recently after our first show. it is ironic that Pink Floyd is one of our influences. Anymore questions?
A buddy of mine 15 years ago was in a band called Joker's Wild, even has the tattoo on his forearm to back it up...
"We've all been someones ammo at some point in our life..."

someones ammo ... my band.

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Piss on it our demo albums already out so its no use changing th name............... be looking forward to our upcoming site.....

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Don't post again until you have something constructive to offer. I.E. A website, music, anything other than tidbits of information.
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