My new (but used) Ibanez RG320FM arrived today. I was wondering if you could help me out with a few issues as the previous owner was obviously clueless, and so am I, but I don't want to be!

Firstly, aren't these meant to all be strung and tune the same way?

Secondly, I think they'd been eating cakes over it a lot and there is all kinds of sticky bits sprouting new life-forms on it. It has discoloured the smoky chrome pick up surrounds and bridge. What's the best way to get them clean? I'd really like to take them out and do it properly. Any tips?

Also the action seem mega high, pictures are of 12th and 24th frets. Not having setup a guitar before, is it best to take it to a luthier for a full setup and pay £55? The guitar cost me £170.

The high E string plays much quieter than the others on all pickup positions. Why could this be?

Also, how do I know if the springs need replacing?

Any questions answered would be greatly appreciated.


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Jesus thats HIGH action for an ibanez. Lower it with the two posts on either side by turning the bolts with an allen wrench. I would restring it as well it looks like the previous owner did a half ass restring with it. While you restring give the whole thing a good cleaning it looks dirty especially that pickup. But make sure you put something underneath the trem to stop your springs from coming out when you remove all the strings. Ive made this mistake before so I dont want you to have to spend 2 hours resetting the trem like I did.

But like I always tell people if you arent confident setting it up yourself take it to a good luthier and have them do it.
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I think you're right regarding new strings. I think the previous person might have put a higher gauge on it and it's put everything out of whack. The truss rod's not set right, the trem is not level at all and the action is way high. I bet everything else is wrong too. I think I'll pay up of the full set up, at least I'll know what it should be like then for the future. It's much cleaner now anyway!