Hey I noticed these amps don't have a standby switch.. this means the power goes directly to the tubes once it's turned on... does this mean they will die faster?

If the tubes die early, it's more likely from the amp being particularly hard while running the tubes. Standby switches aren't entirely necessary, especially on EL84 amps.
There are about 50 different ways tubes wear out and die. One of them is called "cathode stripping", which is what happens when you turn the main power on w/o letting them heatup first (using a standby switch to accomplish this).

Lacking a standby, will it speed up the failure by cathode stripping? Yes. Does it matter? No, because the tube will die because of something else a long time before cathode stripping ever does it in.

Personally, I don't like standby switches because noone uses a switch rated at 500 volts or whatever the B+ is, so the switch is something of a weak-point in the power supply.
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