How do you guys store your headphones when you're on the move? The reason I ask is I have a fairly cheap pair of headphones for casual listening and I go through pairs in intervals of 4-5 months because I carry them around with me everywhere (in my bookbag from class to class, jogging, whatever) and they always get worn and get ****ed up somehow.
Dude... use earphones.

Sure, go with Shure

if not get skullcandy

Because it's killing me.
Mine are either round my neck, or through the strap on my bag when I'm not listening to them.
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I'm pretty much the same though as I bring them in my school bag all the time and basically everywhere I go. It's hard not to get them ****ed up if you're constantly using them.
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Lol... Skullcandy...

Go for Shures, AKG, Sony, or Denons.

Earbuds are much better than headphones in terms of portability, but obviously they won't have the same sound quality as full sized headphones.
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I'm using koss actually, they look like this, can be molded to fit into your ear better and offer excellent bass and quality:

I just wear them around my neck, earbuds are the Marshall MG of the hi-fi world.

(oh and btw, the term is earbuds, "earphones" and "headphones" are interchangeable non-specific terms.)
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