I recently took off the bridge and tail piece of a guitar that I built my self in order to paint it. And when I was done with the painting I went to put the them back on and the neither of them fit on their posts anymore. The tail piece used to slide in and out and bridge would just fall into place on its posts, but neither of them do that anymore. Can anyone tell what happened or how I would go about fixing it. Thanks.
i may be wrong but it sounds like the wood either expanded or contracted. most liekly due to the weather. i dont know if thats normal.

then again this might not be the reason.
so how do i fix the problem. Do i just kind of wait it out until it goes back to what it was before or what do I do?
May want to try using denatured alcohol on a cotton swab to remove any paint on the inside of the bridge pieces where they make contact with their posts, you can't see it anyways, so it doesn't matter if it's not painted.
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Paint is an insulator & not a conductor. You need to get the paint off of the posts to ensure good string ground. Unless you WANT the guitar to hum when you take your hands off the strings.