Looked for days for an answer to THIS combo... tried the EMG thread, abnd wiring thread, but no luck, so hope one of you can help here...

I'm buying a Carvin DC145, with HSH, and want to replace the stock pickups with EMG's ...an 89 in neck, SLV in Middle, and 89 in Bridge.
Since the EMG 89's have both a humbucker AND a single coil in one housing, is there ANY way that I can wire this to a 5-way switch ( or Superswitch ) so I can retain the normal Strat sounds in positions 2 & 4 that are out-of phase singles, withOUT using the included push-pull pots, or the Pi2 phase inverter switch ?

Hoping to get:
1. (up position) Neck Humbucker
2. Neck single-coil & Middle single-coil out-of-phase
3. Middle Single-coil
4. Bridge single-coil & Middle single-coil out-of-phase
5. Bridge Humbucker

Thanks in advance !!
This isn't an answer to your question (although it is a free bump) but why don't you want to use the included push/pull pots?
you could send you wiring wish to emg and they will help you, they helped me alot with my HSH wiring
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