I'm a guitarist searching for musicians in the Fort Wayne area, who are looking to start a band. I don't have all of my desired equipment just yet, but I do have what I need for small jam sessions. I need people who want to write music with me and play local shows and record some **** when I get all of my equipment.
Fort wayne?...My ex lived there....I live In Avon, Indianapolis...Indiana has too many gay musicians...the ones at my school are retarded scene kids
Dude...I've been looking for 3 years. I'm a vocalist and could possibly do Rhythm guitar, only problem is I joined the Army and I'm now in Germany. I won't be back by the Fort til around 2011. I write my own lyrics though, mostly Goth Rock/Goth Metal and stuff like that. My voice is cut out for stuff like HIM, Type O Negative, Billy Idol, Godsmack, music along those lines.
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I completely agree, Schecter. It's hard as hell to find good musicians that aren't total douches in Fort Wayne.
Are you still trying to put a band together, I'm interested.
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