So I notice that when playing chromatic, I begin to **** up with the pinky. Problem is probably that I lift it too much when I use the middle finger. I've been trying to make a habit to not lift it by practicing chromatics at a speed of one note per bit at 40 BPM and paying special attention to the pinky.
My question is, is it possible to not lift it at high speeds, and is it worth the effort?

Its worth the effort if you ever want to be able to play any fast licks - you need to be able to control your pinky (as well as the rest of your fingers)
I'd say a lot depends on what you're doing. In the vast majority of people, in the earlier phases of their technique work, have very poor control of their pinky and can improve it drastically.

However, that fact is, the pinky and ring finger share a tendon. It IS nearly impossible to control it perfectly in some situations -- mostly where the ring finger is doing certain things.

It's only worth it to the extent you want to use your pinky and have it ready for the next note. In my view, WELL worth it.
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Yes, and yes. Check my finger independence vid in my YT lessons.

Thanks for the replies guys.

You have some badass lessons. Thanks .