2nd post on here,
Let me know what you think
Its called living in corruption

Crusaders and invaders.
We will save you later.
From the depths of a blood-red sky.
Led on by corruption and lies.

Satanic forces.
Riding on darkened horses.
A final gust of wind,
Means the end of all sin.

[Living in corruption.
Sensing all destruction.
I've had enough,
Of trying to stay tough.]

I can show you the light,
Plagued by its twin.
Claustrophobic demons,
Thinking they can win.

I'll bring you to the light,
Of the masterful shrine.
Our souls will be lost,
To the other roads shine.


False smiles for the question.
Blank smiles of the dead.
Relentless torturing,
Of the mind instead.