Im pretty sure I want to replace the pickups on my freeway classic. The guitar is great but the generic godin humbuckers dont satisfy.

problem is I dont know exactly what I want to replace them with. I kinda feel like I'll get something too "brutal" or too "soft"

Im using only tube amps (30 and 50 watt combos), and I dont wanna be overdriven all the time, but when I do, I want some real bite to it.

I generally play an assortment of things, mainly classic rock, hard rock, and metal. I was thinking I'd replace the bridge humbucker with something that'll really scream with high output, and then put something jazzy/classic in the neck, but without too much unevenness in the output from the bridge (dont wanna switch and loose tons of volume). I might replace the middle single, but only if I have some extra cash.

I was *thinking* about stuff like ceramic pickups, but Im not really sure if they're what I want. I'll leave it up to the forum for advice on whether Id want those or just alnicos, I do tend toward the heavier sides of rock, but I want the freedom to lighten up a bit when I want to or the situation calls for it.

I'm willing to save for some more expensive (dimarzio, duncan, etc.) brands if it'll make a big difference, but I've also heard some great things about GFS Pickups.

if you wanna know what Im playing through, its in my sig (classic 30 and randall RG50TC) The guitar body is made of Maple/Poplar, neck is made of maple, and its got a standard strat type trem, so the tone tends to be a bit on the bright side naturally, but surprisingly not too much; as long as the pickups dont accentuate the highs more than anything else, it should be fine.


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