Poll: Did your parents go beyond high school?
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Mother, only.
13 11%
Father, only.
17 14%
62 51%
30 25%
Voters: 122.
Hey Pit. I was wondering to myself, what percentage of this generation's parents got schooling beyond a high school diploma.

For me it was only my mother, she went on to become an RN. The reason why I wanted to know this, is because my father is one of the smartest people I know. If he had applied himself to school and worked for it, he could easily be in a six figure engineering job right now.

So the question is--Did your parents go on to get more education, and how did that affect your decision to--or not to--get more education?

Poll soon...
My parents both went to college. This allowed me the opportunity to also go. An opportunity I'm obviously taking since I don't want to deliver pizza for the rest of my life.
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My parents left school at 14 (dad) and 15 (mom) - they didn't have a lot of choice. Their parents couldn't afford to support them through any more education, and they are 2 of the smartest and hardest working people I know. I don't think it affected my decision to get more education - it never occured to me not to continue my education. But my parents encouraged me to go to college and uni as they wanted me to have a better start than they had.
My dad dropped out after 2 years or something but my mom stayed in school and finished.
my mum was forced to go to uni by her dad, but she ended up loving it. she went to a kinda **** uni, but now she's on a 6 figure salary and is exempt from income tax

my dad got his music degree from a top music school in England; unfortunately there is a lot of unrewarded talent out there.
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Being from Yorkshire and all, my Dad immediately got a job down pit after school and my Mum briefly had a job then gave birth to me.

I think.
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My dad is pretty damn smart. He ended up becoming a doctor. My mom on the other hand barely passed high school.
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My dad has some sort of college qualification in Engineering while my mum has a bachelors degree in Business with IT
Well, my father is working on his masters at Cardiff University part time and after that he's moving onto his doctorate after completing the masters.
I think my mother only did college although I'm not so sure. She was doing a course to become a psychotherapist but she dropped out of that.
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i have actually never though about that. good on you TS. both of my parents finished high school in there respective home countries. They didnt have the opportunity to go to post secondary but have paid my way through uni. I am quite happy about it. I never thought about not going to Uni though....just seemed like the thing to do. i'm gonna be a rock star anyway
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Mum did, she got some nursing qualifications, my dad is a drop-out and a waste of space.
There have actually been some interesting occurrences in my family regarding college.

My mom never went to college.
My dad went to college for two years, transferred to U of M, then dropped out.
My oldest brother went to a university for four years, then graduated.
My next oldest brother dropped out of high school, got his GED, took online classes, then went to barber school.
My brother closest to my age is now in his fourth college and only has junior status from losing so many credits transferring.

I am attending a four-year university unaware of what I want to major in.

To be honest, I think my diploma will make it easier for me to get a job in the future, but only because I have a diploma, not because I'm actually smarter or know anything.
my dad went to USC on a full scholarship to the college of engineering. but then he lost it b/c he was drunk all the time. he ended up getting his BS in computer science from the USF (San Francisco, not south florida) when i was 3.

my mom got her BA in spanish lit from UCSD.
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My mom went to college and is an occupational therapist.

My dad didn't finish college, but ended up becoming a millionaire. Go figure.
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My dad is a doctor, so lots of schooling. My mom was going to be a doctor, but due to moving around and taking care of me and my sister, she never had time for residency.

But she went to college and medical school?
Both my parents went to university after high school. It's pretty common here to have some sort of education after high school, we have to go to school till we are 18 and most of the people are 16/17 when they finish high school.
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Neither of my parents went into university, my mum wnet straight into being a journalist - wrote for The Times - and my Dad went into the MoD, the unlucky bastard.
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Neither of my parents went to college, but both have steady jobs; my mom works at a veteran's insurance call center, and my dad is a caretaker for an elderly rich guy.

My brother didn't even last at Penn State for a year. Now he's going to community college.
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Neither went to uni, they didn't have the money. My Mam didn't even have the money to finsh high school.
Things worked out well though, my Mam runs a preschool and my Dad is a Trade Union official.
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my dad got his masters degree in statistics and my mom got a bachelors degree in englgish. yeah, my family does alright.
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Neither of my parents pursued education past the age of 16. Dad got an apprenticeship, mum lived in the phillipines.
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My mother has her Masters in social work and my father has a Ph.D in clinical psychology.
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My dad did, but dropped out in his first year. He's got a great job right now, so it really didn't end up mattering.
My Dad has a BA in political science at George Washington University and my Mom had two years of accounting classes after high school at some college I don't recall.
My dad has a masters in Fine Arts that he got when he went to uni after school and a Masters in the History of Popular music (he wrote it on the emergence of Jazz, I think) that he got a couple of years ago through the OU.

My mum has a degree in librarianship from after school, and in recent years got her (1st class with honours and a prize for best dissertation ) degree, then masters in History. SHe's currently doing her PhD.

So yeah. Education was entirely free with grants at the time, so my parents could go.
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Neither continued after highschool.

Mum left at 16, is now a carer.
Dad left at 15, is now a self-employed roofer.
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My mother has a few O levels and thought about higher education, but decided getting a job was the better option. My father won a scholarship to his local grammar school, and did extremely well up to the age of sixteen. He then decided to join the police force and took exams that I think were equivalent to A level or above. He ended his career as a Detective Chief Inspector, and one of the leading fingerprint experts in the country.

Edit. The Law and I don't generally get on, but I loved my dad.
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my mom went to a 4 year university for computer programming. this was in the early 1980's. then she had 3 kids, and didn't work for about 12 years. by the time she went back to work her programming skills were basically useless, so she used some of her college credits towards a certification to do ultrasounds. so yeah, now she works at a hospital doing ultrasound.

my dad never went to college. he has worked for a printing company for the last 27-28 years.

i'm in my 3rd of 4 years of university. i'm working on a degree in history.