Hey everybody.
My band is getting to the stage now where we want to start recording some of our songs, the only problem is we have no idea how to do it. So i was wondering can anybody give me some tips?
It's not the actual method of recording that is the issue, i know how to do that to a certain degree.

The issue is that I've never recorded before, so i don't know what the sound will come out like when i put it onto the computer. The main concerns i have are how do i get the guitar bits on the computer without losing my tone? how do i get everything to sound clear? what volume should i have the amp at? Just generally how to get a high quality sound.

Thanks any help is appreciated!
Riffs and Recordings forum is a great place to start. If you wanting to record a band you will need preamps and mics at a minimum. What is the budget?

Also - I found this to be a good resource.

To get quality sound you need experience in recording. Keep playing with settings, mic placement, etc. until it starts sounding better. It'll take a bit of patience but once you get comfortable with whatever software you use, you will know how to make it sound good.
If your material is any good, just go to a recording studio. It might cost you, but it will cut out all of the cost you will need to put out to get the proper equipment to record.
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